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Giles Geeson;
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Giles Geeson


I have many years experience driving performance in multinational organisations, at both local and global levels. Before setting up Absolute Potential, my previous roles as Head of Learning and Development, and within Global HR Talent & Leadership, gave me significant experience of developing leaders, teams and creating sustainable learning and high performance cultures.

In addition to this, I have also had a very different side to my career, where I trained and performed as a professional mind-reading magician! My knowledge and experience from both business and entertainment means I am often able to offer unique insights, solutions and a fresh perspective.

There are so many lessons from the world of entertainment which complement day to day business skills and can boost your leadership capability, including:

  • Public speaking & presentation skills
  • Audience engagement and management
  • Influencing others
  • Overcoming negative beliefs
  • Developing new beliefs and inspiring change

Why the name “Absolute Potential”?

There comes a time to step back and ask ourselves the question “am I reaching my potential?”.
If we can learn how to define personal success, we can then take a holistic view of people development drawing upon lessons and skills from every aspect of life, then we can begin to truly unleash and realise our own absolute potential.